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When X Met Y (remastered)

by The Dali Thundering Concept

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  • When X Met Y
    Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    The Dali Thundering Concept - When X Met Y, released on February 14th, 2015 (remastered).

    Tracklist :
    01-Primitive Art - Act 1
    02-Abstract Art - From Chains to Insanity
    03-Realism - The Stone Ego Paradox
    04-Surrealism - Act 2
    05-Futurism - The Prometheus Addiction
    06-Avantgarde - Requiem for a Mind Fucked Brain
    07-Words are Wind (feat. Aaron MATTS (Betraying the Martyrs), Pierre DANEL & Philippe CHARNY DEWANDRE (Kadinja), Antoine BIBENT & Alexandre HOUNGBO (Atlantis Chronicles))

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You are Just a fucking kid against the others In this great clockwork You are Alone and still nothing You are Just a fucking pawn Jump out of mum’s pussy to live in a factory That’s what destiny gave us for a living From the cunt to the soil It's the routine of a continuous toil We are all slaved by normality All average to serve society You see cuffs on your wrists But you’re too lazy to be pissed Oh come on and Release the hatred Puke it out, puke it out Breathe the wrath How can you change tomorrow You hate today Too weak for rage You're scared of Unknown Take a fucking look in the mirror Such a waste of time Such a lack of ambition Fuzzy face The seed is planted Your brain is launched Question haunts it Can you feel it growing now It’s gonna blow Can you feel it growing now It’s gonna blow I wash my body from limits and rules I wash my body until my skin is pure So fucking sore This is the beginning I am a reborn
You think I’m gonna stay here being nobody Let me rise above the people You think I’m gonna stay down on my fucking knees Let me climb the pedestal Sons of narcissus, I’m a living ego I wanna rock so change me to stone Bring me the gorgon snake headed bitch And make her eyes fucking glow I wanna see your iris shine on my neurosis I want to see you iris shine, shine You think a statue can make you stronger, You think a statue can make it happen People will fight for what they want People will fight for what they want Stop trying to mark your time And fight for what you believe in Staring at your reflect won’t make you grow You’re just a weak twig mighty wind blows You’re the kid buring his wings You’re just an ephemeral king I hope you drawn in champagne And choke with your diamond rings I hope you fuck a slutty fame And I hope she has Aids Die, you snobbish shit Die, you selfish prick I don’t give a shit about fame Anonymous but free to disturb I don’t give a shit about fame Anonymous but free to disturb
Any authentically original idea Presenting itself without “known antecedents” Is systematically rejected Toned down, mauled, chewed Re-chewed, spewed forth Destroyed, yes, and even worse… Reduced to the most monstrous of mediocrities. The excuse offered is always the vulgarity Of the vast majority of the public. I insist that this is absolutely false. The public is infinitely superior to the rubbish What is fed to it daily. The masses have always known Where to find true poetry. The misunderstanding has come about entirely Through those “middle-men of culture” Who, with their lofty airs and superior quacking Come between the creator and the public.
So much buildings growing around me Can’t stop this shit, building around me Electric eyes and listening walls Your life is under urban control This world is doomed Mama, sweet Gaya Why didn’t you keep fire far from me You cut the umbilical wire And I’m drowning in your anatomy Mother, nature Is on the stake like the Orleans maid Mother, nature Is burning for our sins Let me tell you a story It’s a kid and a giant freak A raincoat a torch Innocence crashes And it goes in and out like one, two, three Look at my hands they’re covered with ashes The blood of the world Mother fucking boxes You fucking bastard You scumbag You can’t stop the process You can’t stop the progress This world is going down And we’re fucked like whores Soiled to the ground This world is going to an end The boat is sinking we’re dead, Life is over mother fucker We are dead Don’t worry Take a step after the other And stay close to me Future is history Don’t worry Take a step after the other And stay close to me Future is history
In a world far from all material forms, war rages Reason and creativity fight through the ages If reason bridles the being with rules and responsibility Creativity leads it to what one would call insanity Chaos settles in this doomed landscape And there seems to be no escape Authority, We are free I will sink you bitch You motherfucker Shit Let us flourish Suck on this I will kill you soon Bow down to your god, I am the unconscious, your little fight's starting to pissing me off ! Reason, creativity, none of you two could rule this world alone. You sure talk good, but I know you'd like to fuck your mother, Let me remember you who did invent all the rules you follow. And you, do your really think you could live by your own ? Unicorns are great, pedophilia isn't You'll only destroy all the things you create Stop this rebellion shut up and obey Calm down you fuck Face the real life I’m the master of this place, Of this breeding Life is too short to waste it normality, I’m the artist I’m the muse I’m the fucking masterpiece You think I’m useless but I live the way you dream, Open your eyes old bastard, taste this endorphin By using a powerful hormone creativity has blown the world The two enemies are now dead, nothing has survived A new character makes his entrance; he is as evil as he is crazy The Satan’s plumber, the Belzebuth’s carpenter, the doomed pimp I present to you audience…brain dead B.R.A.I.N followed by a swift and swaggy little dead Posing for your trip to eternity, with agility, you know me? I’m your pimp, I’m your best, I’m your king, I’m your guest, I’m your thing and I confess I’d like to jizz on your breasts. Oh that’s rude? Just suck it princess! I own you from X to Y, from east to west, From cunt to eye, your just mine now you rest. In and out between your lips goes brain dead molding dick It goes woopty woopty woopty woo woo oh..
Look around and understand You're either a brainless citizen or a thinking slave This thought will haunt me to the grave How am I to obey behave In a system I hate This ain't art, this ain't a hobby It's nausea, mysanthropy It's just neurotic me facing therapy Give it back just as much as I got Never came for the struggle now I Chill at the top like I don't give a fuck I was born into a dream and couldn't stop til I'd won Countless hours praying that I'd be number one But it's the sound and vibrations that keep me alive So give me the mic and let me scream for my life like AAAARRGH! Through the void When my days are cold When the sky turns to storm When I can't find the voices of reason When I fall in this world I listen to my voice Oh for every word I never said For every neadles scraching my face For everytime I never breath For everytime I never breath An emotions flow Flooding your brain so let me know Are there any rogue waves that drown your thoughts Listen up beryl vibration Will master the stream of your inner sea You'll become shapeless Empty minds Are not so obscure Witness our conquest Words are wind, we're the fucking tempest We will huff and puff harvest your world in a blow This is our song, our soul Witness our conquest, fear the upheaval


released February 14, 2016

Sylvain CCONNIER (vocals)
Léo NATALE (guitar)
Steve TREGUIER (bass)
Martin GRONNIER (drums)

Aaron MATTS (Betraying the Martyrs) on Words Are Wind
Pierre DANEL & Philippe CHARNY DEWANDRE (Kadinja) on Words Are Wind
Antoine BIBENT & Alexandre HOUNGBO (Atlantis Chronicles) on Words Are Wind
Stephen MIGNERON (Upheaval) on Realism - The Stone Ego Paradox
Lou GREGOIRE (AID) on Avantgarde - Requiem for a Mind Fucked Brain

Produced by:
The Dali Thundering Concept

Recorded by :
Linoprod & Wavelength Records

Mix/ Master:
Linoprod & Wavelength Records

Illustration and Design:
Adrian PELAJ
Pierre MUTEL
Jean-Pierre GARAC

Management and Booking:
Thundering Production


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The Dali Thundering Concept France

French Metal band based in France


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