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tomvar It is never redundant to scream a whispered truth. And Savages is an enormous scream about what most of us in our generation are well aware, but maybe too aware to actually be emotionally disturbed by it. It's little to say that it was the best metal album of the year, and shows an artistic maturity and commitment that is always greatly appreciated.
Also have to recognize the great collaboration with Eggeh, bringing a new breath of quality into the AV domain of the metal scene. Favorite track: Utopia.
Douglas Jenkinson
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Douglas Jenkinson Probably the most interesting Djent/Progressive metal album of recent times! Mixes all sorts of styles beautifully, masterful production, fascinating concept, and top notch musicianship!
Core To The Core
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Core To The Core Such a savage masterpiece you guys have come such a long way, I am very proud and honored :')
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  • Record/Vinyl + Digital Album

    The Dali Thundering Concept - Savages, released on April 13th, available since December 3rd 2018 on vinyl !

    Tracklist :
    01-Ostrich Dynastry
    02-The Myth of Happiness
    03-Blessed with Boredom
    05-There is no Calm before the Storm
    07-Flying with the Shepherds
    09-Empty the Void
    11-We build the Past
    12-Bonus track 1
    13-Bonus track 2

    Includes unlimited streaming of Savages via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more.
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  • Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    Digipak of our debut album 'Savages' realeasing April 13th 2018.

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« Savages » is the second album by the french combo The Dali Thundering Concept.

« Savages » is a dystopian anticipation project.
Through this concept-album, the band brings us a credible scenario about the future of humanity - if it does not change its standards of life and its vision of the world.

What are the consequences of the global warming, the divisions between the peoples and the politics of nostalgia ?

See "The Waltz Of Savages" : The Making Of The Album here !


released April 13, 2018

Recording, Mix & Master : Léo NATALE & Martin GRONNIER
Artwork : Jorge JACINTO & Léo NATALE
Photos : Nicko GUIHAL


all rights reserved



The Dali Thundering Concept Paris, France

EN : French progressive metal quartet THE DALI THUNDERING CONCEPT ( Mathcore / Djentcore ) have announced the release of their dystopian concept album of album 'SAVAGES', out 13 April via Apathia Records.

FR : le quator français THE DALI THUNDERING CONCEPT (Mathcore / Djentcore) présente son nouvel album 'SAVAGES' qui sortira le 13 Avril 2018 via Apathia Records.
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Track Name: Ostrich Dynasty
Knowledge is a burden, Ignorance will bring me peace
Knowledge is a burden and grey matter tastes so bitter
Knowledge is a burden, Ignorance will bring me peace
Knowledge is a burden, it shatters my fucking inner piece

Every morning I get horror, war, rape
Slaughter, gore, hate, it's more than I can take
I get a sore heart and a headache thinking of such poor fates
So I finish my coffee and just walk away

Close my eyes
Close my eyes, play it blind, face to problems I can't solve I don't mind
Me, myself, and I

I see it all happen, standing within the walls of freedom
I see that venom runs through the veins of this global kingdom
I see it all happen, Sugarman, won't you hit me with another blue pill
End my sorrow, I won't follow any rabbits, won't crawl
Down any fucking burrow
I won’t crawl down any burrow

I just want to live in this concrete paradise
Under a constellation of electric eyes, I was made to shine
I don't mind being spied; I have nothing to hide
I play the game by the rules and the game plays me for a fool
I play the game by the rules, the game plays me for a fool
I play the game by the rules, but the game plays me
Track Name: The Myth of Happiness
So fucking late
I am so fucking late

So many things to see
Reality is softer through an lcd screen
Rigged Esthetics and fucking capitalistic dreams
All seem in my reach

Damn I should be flying, floating amongst the stars
My wings are spread and flapping but it’s just too hard
Sun is far, why is the wax already melting, drooling down ?
Lost in this maze, I gaze up to the Milky Way
My ego goes up and down twerking on this symphony
I'm a bird, I'm a plane, I'm a god, now I'm sucked back to mediocrity
How can I be so weak? I'm a piece of art
Sadness has no price for everything else there’s MasterCard

But it's all possible; all accessible
I won't be another sad clown in this circus
But it's all possible, so fucking buyable
Sculpted in silicone anyone can stand on Mount Olympus
In Walmart I trust

It’s just a race for the newest grail
I'll put my lips to each cup, to every vase
I'll pull out the blade
Holy syrup running through my veins
Modern slaves have no fucking chains, I’m in debt

Damn I’m so hollow just call me a shrink
I’m a blank note in desperate need of ink
I’m a wooden doll lacking a spell
A church that’s lost its fucking bell
Possessions for an empty shell
Give me a fate, set me on fire, make me a flame
Let me enlighten the worthless and plain
It's a lifelong quest

But in the end it all fake, lost in bullshit, I pretend and feign
Track Name: Blessed with Boredom
Citizen of the free world, slaving all week
Awaiting Saturday night fever to do the freak
And it goes 1, 2, 3 sink in a soothing coma
Bottoms up ; Will all my life be...
Work hard, die bored, modern men do it well
No crown, no spark, in this corpse I'm just a dying cell
Work hard, die bored, modern men do it well
Hopes are scarred; I’m the pawn that dreamt of ruling citadels

To be a hero, a star, an astronaut, I bought
But I was just compensating
I wanted to smile like the guy of the pasta box
But it was just advertising crap

I've seen the true face of metropolis
One hand stabs me while the other one offers me dope
Its third eye shines on my neurosis
I walk amongst the crowd, a zombie, a fucking clone

I had opinions and dreams I lost along the way
For a wife, a kid, a house and a big ass SUV
In suit and tie, I work my long term suicide
I don't have the guts to fucking fight

Work hard, die bored, modern men do it well
I’m like Superman, life is my kryptonite
Modern men do it fucking well

There isn't a day without this weight on my shoulders
Without the burden of the crown the kid I was made out of paper
But carnival is over, no more craft or glitter
Projections of my future should have remained in the past

I can't let go, can’t let go of this mask
I have to change but don't feel up to the task
I'm falling, I’m drowning in this abundance horn
I have it all and I still want more
If my life is ok why am I miserable ? I’m so fucking miserable
I'm sorry for wasting your world
For a way to wonder, for a crooked offer
I'm sorry
For the wrecking, the oppression, the slaughter
Well fuck you all, I haven't done any of these horrors
I haven't done anything but dream of a throne and a scepter
They did it all; they did it fucking all, I'm just a puppet
I’m just a wireless powerless doll
Is the puppet guilty of the actions of its master ?
Track Name: There’s no calm before the storm
They say that knowledge is a weapon
And ignorance is a big ass fucking dildo
They sharpened their blades on slow brains and supersized egos
Their knightly act is a bloody fraud
King's sword lays deep in the people's rock
They swore five billion peace and plenty
Turned seven into junkies with greed and gluttony
Now twelve billion crowd this celestial rock
And they keep up the good work, like they don't give a fuck

Bees are dead, plants need sexual assistance
Eden has turned to sand in an instant
Melted ice had the oceans rise,
Fear the mice, kill the rats, 'cause medieval plagues are back

Soon humanity's trial will begin
Will the snake be a scapegoat once again ?
Will the eyes stay sealed face to the blood spilt ?
There is no innocence, only 50 shades of guilt

Who fell for their tricks ? Who thought it legit ?
Who funded this shit ? Who's fucking hands are clean ?
Who fell for their tricks ? Who thought it legit ?
There is no innocence

The Horn is empty, resources are rare
They're licking ivory for crumbs to spare their despair
People are scared, they're fucking wiggling, crawling like insects
They think planting three trees will avoid the tempest
They're trying so hard it's laughable, hoping for a miracle

From fear to hate, the trial starts today
The fall begins, wings are ablaze
They'll cheer their states, the trial starts today
The fall begins, it's fucking checkmate
Track Name: Ink
They've brought mankind to ruin, like they've invested in coffins
The masses are growing so they'll give the dog a bone
Skip the lynching by throwing the first stone
Reveal the scapegoat

Select a minority, Black, Latino, Muslim
Will it be refugees ? They'll bomb them on the fucking beach

Hear the final countdown, all hope is lost
Sheeps are bleating around pieces of cloth

They all hail the nations when the world's at stake
Riot, war, invasions, be predator rather than prey
They all hail the nations, they'll take the fucking bait
Riot, war, invasions, how could this be a mistake ?

Battles are won by white collars
History is written with the ink of the victors
Follow the leader, believe their dogma, don't think
A fact is a fact, until the wheel spins, until empires waltz

Adhere to their cause, befallen revolutionaries
There's no freedom of thought
These bigots utilize a cross to justify their wrongs
with the blood on their hands
This world is too far gone

''Arise children of the nation
The day of glory has arrived
A putrid form of tyranny
Has raised its ugly banner
Can you hear them in the fields ?
Howling are these fearsome soldiers
They're dwelling inside the mist
To slit the throats of man, woman, and child''

Arise, children of the nation
With blood it's written on the walls
You have no rights, your life is controlled
And taken away unless you conform
This world is too far gone
Track Name: Flying with the shepherd
A step away from hell, in dark times, they're still scamming
Selling tickets for heaven, renting Noah's ark cabins
But their ship will sink in the abyss
They still get hard on the weight of their wallets
It's absurd, they can fill their pockets; the paper will burn
It's time to accept their system's defeat
Profit is obsolete

All those years
Barking at them, announcing mayhem, begging them to stop
Knees deep in shit they'll say that on the water they shall walk
They've kneeled their whole life
It won't be hard for them to crawl
But fuck them all, they've sold their fucking souls
Still pictured as prophets, still worshiped as gods
From ashes to ashes, from lust to disgust

Witness the bursting of the human bubble
End of the great, death of the simple
Witness the bursting of the human bubble
Absurdity leads the human struggle
Fuck this shit

Thank the elders for their way of life
Thank the leaders for their foresight
Thank the leaders for their foresight
Thank the past for the lost fight

Progress could only be ahead
Pushing forward over the cliff's fucking edge
Now they're flying, alive but already dead
Already shattered corpses on the stony bay

They can beg, whine, pray
Even the foam won't wash their hands clean
They can beg, whine, pray
Because tonight the shepherds
Die amongst their sheeps

They'll fucking beg
Die amongst their sheeps, they'll fucking beg
Track Name: Demeter
Ignorance was the weight that took us down the hill
It was the blade
Ignorance was the cage and knowledge is the key
don't you know that
Knowledge will always be our key
Allow ourselves to be free
Track Name: Empty the void
We’re the orphans of humanity
We only learn the price of things once they've disappeared
Remains of a dying breed
This is the witness of blank minds in a colorblind reality
We’re looking for answers to questions we can’t conceive
Complaints of a frying brain
we’ll lay the myths as cornerstones for our society

We’re all lost, we’ve breathed the omega breeze
We’re branded, ain’t brain-dead, we’re brand new
Our minds are clean
our bright eyes On this broken world are blinded
We’re all haunted, bonded in this holy lack of memory
We’re confused, hollow, divided
Claim to remember and we’ll bend a fucking knee

We ride wrecked cars on bull backs through this global no man’s land
we’re fucking nomads, We’re hunchbacks
clinging to the thread of a long gone past

What will grow through the ashes ?
is this the end, is this the end or the genesis ?
Will trees grow tall through the carcasses ?
are we just ants under a giant’s matches ?
will we be burning corpses ?
What will grow through the ashes ?
is this the end, is this the end or the genesis ?
Will roots push through the asphalt cracks ?
Will we choose utopia or whiplashes ?
will this hell be everlasting ?

Green patches maculate the concrete
A budding life bluntly stains misery
alone and incomplete, we stand untouched at the center of this new born beauty

We’re parasites, are we part of this scheme ?
We’re parasites, are we even human anymore ?

Damaged is the new black
Track Name: Utopia
Haunted and scared, seeking the shelter of a cave, we crawled down a burrow
Down below, remains of a fallen world, signs of the elders and carved on iron plates, a three ray sun
Curious and hungry for treasures of the past we crawled deeper, and deeper, and deeper and at the earth’s core we met the divine

Eyes rise to the sky, we're terrified
Two sun shine, our paths divide
Cherish the vine or the artifact
Witness the gods comeback

We scan the climes

Look around
Look around and see the ruins of our past glory
Have we forgotten ? Have we become this weak ?
Will we kneel, accept defeat ?
Are we but ghosts of a lost humanity ?
Fuck no, Fuck the horn, Fuck the willow
Chaos must be reformed
We’ve lost a battle but the war’s still on
We’ve bit the dust but we shall rise as one

we’re walking on a rope, above
above the void we stand alone
we’ve been going backwards this whole time
taking future blows from behind
one day we’ll fall

cut the trunk roots will still grow
flowers blossom through the snow
now we’re walking on a rope
we can choke it with smoke
life will prevail

Utopia must burn
We are the ones that did not ascend
Untouched by light, Unburnt by flames
All hail the liver and the snake

We’ve been given a second chance, a fresh start
A blank page to lay down the words of our new civilization
We must claim back our throne at the top of evolution
Join the symbiosis, accept absolution
We must bring back the golden age
We are but a link in life’s mighty chain
We will not live like beasts
Mankind’s fortune doesn’t grow on trees
This utopia is a fucking deceit
why should we take the path of failed men
why should we return to the wolf’s den
we need a change of scale

Make this world great again, or make it right
Build walls, divide the land, or unite
Track Name: We build the past
We will not fast for the one that has smashed us
We will not cast away a glorious past just
become preys, the beasts will not harass us
We ain’t slaves, we’re the fucking masters
We will not bow, we won’t bend under the weeping willow’s whiplashes
Our heart aches but we won’t hide flayed backs under pine jackets
We haven’t kicked the bucket

Like the phoenix, we don’t just pass away
We prevail, the eggs lay in the ashes
Dig out the hatchet, we’ll level the surface
Here comes the hatching, we’ll pour this planet a concrete grave

We’re Survivors, we’re the future
We’re the builders of the new eden
For the elders, for ancestors
Glory comes with our bleeding
We’re Survivors, we’re the future
We’re the builders of the new eden
For the elders, for ancestors
Glory comes with our bleeding

To Mankind we give our newborns
Feel the earth shake, hear the masses grow
we’ll build babel from climes to core
No puny lord can break us anymore

We shall rise as one, hear the masses grow
We’re the monsters that outsmarted frankenstein
We’re the fucking golems outliving the rabbi
We’ll never feel again, never feel the hard blow of a bitter end
Together we’re unbreakable, we shall rise as one
and one shall rise above, relieve us from the burdens
Wearing crown and glove, rule on the castle
for the greater good, reign on the simple
in the name of god
We shall rise for one, serve praize, kneel
become the slaves in the fields, soldiers on the siege
Together we’re expendable, we shall die for one

Dark times will be legend, sons will forget our demons
Dark times will be legend, And it will all start again

History is a fucking circle
From day one we’ve been savages
They’re all fucking savages
I’ll always be a savage

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